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Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) is a structured home study methodology that allows child welfare agencies to thoroughly evaluate prospective kinship, foster, adoptive, and/or guardianship families in a uniform manner.

What is SAFE?

Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) is Consortium for Children’s standardized, uniformed home study methodology that is used to assess individuals applying to become a kinship care provider, a foster parent, an adoptive parent, and/or a guardianship provider. SAFE is used in both private and public agencies throughout the United States and Canada. To use the SAFE methodology, Home Study Practitioners must be SAFE certified. Consortium for Children provides the SAFE certification training for Home Study Practitioners and Supervisors.

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Map of SAFE regions

Who Uses SAFE?

SAFE is used widely throughout the United States and Canada. Click below for a larger view.

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